Bee Beautiful Bundle Care

Below is suggested haircare instructions for how to maintain your 100% grade 8A virgin human hair Bee Beautiful Bundle Bundles!

Queen Care: Some textures and/or patterns of hair are more difficult to maintain than others; please make note of this as you place your order. We have found that curly hair, such as the Malaysian Deep Wave pattern, may need extra love and care (i.e., a lot of upkeep). In other words, if you are a Queen who dislikes maintenance, you may want to consider going with a Straight and/or Loose Wave pattern.

All hair purchased from Bee Beautiful Bundles requires washing, conditioning, and/or deep conditioning during installation and while wrapping before bed. When combing our bundles, please take your time; carefully start from the bottom and slowly work your way up towards the weft (roots). Bee Beautiful Bundles Malaysian Deep Wave pattern must be combed only when wet to prevent frizzing.

We recommend that you maintenance your bundles just the same as you would your own hair!

Sealing the wefts is not required but highly recommended if the wefts are cut. Cutting the wefts upon installation risks greater shedding than normal; please seek guidance from a professional stylist to aid in this process.

At the bottom of the page, we have listed recommended products for daily maintenance and routine grooming; you don’t have to use them, but these are highly trusted and tested by the Queen Team with Bee Beautiful Bundles 100% grade 8A virgin human hair.

Washing Your Bee Beautiful Bundles

Drying Your Bee Beautiful Bundles

Morning and Nightly Maintenance for Your Bee Beautiful Bundles

Daily Maintenance for Your Malaysian Deep Wave Pattern

Products to Avoid

Suggested Products to Use

We recommend the following products at Bee Beautiful Bundles: